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Pastor Ron and Kathryn believe in meeting people where they are. Some people are going to be long before they believe and that is okay.

Pastor Ron and Kathryn believe that the church is supposed to be a safe place where people can come and explore what it means to be a Christian openly and ask questions about their faith without the fear of being judged.

We believe that the church should look like a hospital for the messy and broken-hearted. A messy and broken group of people that is doing life together. We understand that people have been hurt by the church and we hope you will give us an opportunity to change your perspective of how you see the church.

At Osky Open Bible we are "Pursuing God's People with Love" and we are striving to become a "Spirit-Filled Christ-Like Community" that is being led by Holy Spirit and using our gifts to impact the community and culture around us.

Pastor Ron and Kathryn believe that "The One Anothering's" are a blueprint and foundation for how Christians are to act and to live out being Christ-Like in their daily lives.

At Osky Open Bible our goal is to live out the Great Commission by following the principle of Win, Grow, Send. Win the lost to Christ, Help them grow and develop through discipleship, and when ready send out mature disciples to make more disciples.

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Pastors Ron & Kathryn Polson

About: Pastor Ron has a passion to see God's people be developed, mentored, and trained through discipleship to due the work of the ministry in the areas they are gifted in. Pastor Ron believes that ministry starts in the church and flows outward into the community. Pastor Ron is licensed through the Open Bible Church (May 2021). Pastor Ron is a graduate of Upper Iowa University (B.S. in HRM and Marketing, 2013), INSTE Global Bible College (Certificate in Christian Ministry, 2018), and Liberty University (Masters in Christian Education, 2021). Pastor Ron is a certified IGBC Level 1 and 2 leader.

Pastor Ron currently works for Link Associates as an Employment Training Specialist (AKA, Job Coach). Pastor Ron works with people with special needs and disabilities in the workplace. Pastor Ron teaches and trains person served on how to do their jobs correctly so they can maintain employment in the community.

For the past five years, Pastor Ron served at West Des Moines Open Bible where he also completed his internship. For the last two years, Pastor Ron served as the INSTE Bible College Group Leader at West Des Moines Open Bible prior to accepting the Lead Pastoring role at Osky Open Bible (Feb 2022).

Pastor Ron enjoys disc golfing, pool, playing board games, watching movies, and working out.

About: Kathryn has a passion for seeing people imitate Christ and his behaviors in their lives. Kathryn believes that ministry starts outside the church and flows inward. Kathryn is licensed through the Open Bible Church (May 2021). Kathryn graduated from INSTE Global Bible College (Certificate in Christian Ministry, 2020).

Kathryn is currently a Senior Account Manager with North Risk Partners in Grinnell, Ia. Kathryn was born and raised in Oskaloosa and in Sigourney and she attended Central College in Pella. Kathryn's mom was a teacher for many years in Oskaloosa (subbing) and Sigourney, Iowa.

For the past five years, Kathryn served at West Des Moines Open Bible as the Children's Pastor and board secretary.

Kathryn enjoys time with friends, fun activities, traveling, cooking, and volunteering.

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