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Sober Soldierz Recovery Group

We are excited to announce that Sober Soldierz is coming to Osky Open Bible! Get this date on your calendar, Sober Soldierz's first recovery meeting at Osky Open Bible will be on Tuesday, October 4th at 7 pm.

Sober Soldierz is a faith-based recovery family for people struggling with addiction, people affected by another’s addiction, or people who simply want to support recovery. Sober Soldierz believes that recovery is not a one size fits all approach and that everyone's recovery is going to look and feel different. Sober Soldierz is all about family, community, and supporting those in the recovery process. Sober Soldierz believes "God and Recovery Must Come First". To learn more about Sober Soldierz you can connect with them on Facebook by clicking this

Sober Soldierz meetings and support during the week include: CJ Vasquez and Carrie Wilson hosting the Sober Soberettez Bible Study on Monday Nights from 7 pm to 8 pm Live on FB. Ladies, I invite you to check this out!

Toby John hosts, Toby Worldwide a devotional/bible study at 7 am, M-F live on FB. Let Toby help you start your day off right by getting into the word of God!

Every Thurday night from 7 pm to 8 pm you can attend the Sober Soldierz weekly meeting in person at West Des Moines Open Bible (1100 Ashworth Rd) or watch the livestream on FB.

TJ Vasquez and Cody Larson host the Friday Night check-in on FB at 7 pm every Friday Night.

To learn more about how Sober Soldierz got started and the leadership team please click on the picture below.

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INSTE Global Bible College

Osky Open Bible is currently offering IGBC Level 1 courses at the church. Discipleship 1 and 2, Old Testament, and New Testament. After completing these four courses students will receive a certificate in Christian Ministry from IGBC. All of these courses count towards pastoral credentialing with the Open Bible. INSTE exists to train, educate, and equip the people of God to do the work of the ministry in the local church and abroad through distance learning. To learn more about INSTE click on the following link

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Blessings Box

The blessing box is meant to help those that are in need within our community. Currently in the blessing box, you will find cans of Chef Boyardee, cereal, oatmeal, rice, macaroni, Campbell's soup. You will also find socks, shoes, clothing, and blankets. Take What You Need! Leave What You Can! The blessing box is located on the right side of the driveway in the front corner of the parking lot. This is a no strings attached, I repeat no strings attached blessing box. If you are in need of something that is not in the blessing box please let us know. There are business cards inside the box. Please feel free to take one and reach out to us.

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Table Groups Coming Soon!

At Osky Open Bible we call our small groups "Table Groups." We are currently in the process of starting up table groups. The purpose of Table Groups is to join others at a table for food and conversation. Similar to family dinners at your grandparent's house growing up. Everyone is welcome to join in. There are 2 rules: Besides your first time at a table group, it's expected you bring some food items to share with the group (no big meals expected but also not discouraged). Number 2, we ask that if possible please stay until everything is cleaned up. Look forward to seeing you at the table.